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The truth is, there are many great online casino forums out there so it’s not easy calling any of them the best casino forum. Probably the most well known player forum has been CasinoMeister which launched in 1998 making it older than most online casinos today. One of the biggest has been the forums at LCB which dominate numbers wise although they have tough mods that won’t put up with crap from players. There have been forums like Gamtrak that have more or less disappeared completely and have turned just into another casino portal. Of course there are new casino forums that come up all the time.

Casino Bonus Forum

Forums come in all different types for categories especially when it comes to online casinos. Many will have sections for bonuses but they are not as dedicated as you might think. The forum at CasinoBonusesNow does have a new casino bonus forum listing new casino promotions. The good thing about this forum is they have very narrow categories so it’s a lot easier to scan the forum and see what topics they have within the defined list of categories. Most forums these days just tend to clutter it up with more categories so trying to find what you want becomes impossible, or the latest bit of casino news becomes buried within the list of posts so you don’t know what’s new.

Are forums dead?

Some people will say yes but it’s not as cut and dry as you might think. There have been many casino forums launched that didn’t have a good set of rules and community moderators. Without a solid team of forum mods, it’s hard to expect a forum to grow and thrive. It’s hard for a moderation team to find a fine balance between being tough on problematic posters and letting players feel like they are part of a community. When people argue that forums are dead, it’s a partially correct statement but it is all about context. Communities are not just confined to forum softwares that people associate forums to be. Most forum softwares you see today were made 10 to 15 years ago so it looks dated, things are slow and things just haven’t updated to the way things are done today. Thankfully there has been an influx in new forum software to breathe life into forums. 

Best Forum Software

It’s hard to argue which forum software is the best but certainly newer software seems to be better received with players needing to choose between a forum. The list of options available for sites is still large but when it comes to new forum software, webmasters at least have more quality options and for casino players, this means you might start seeing better looking designed forums that run fast and work on your mobile phone. A few options out of the box are Discourse which is what is used by CasinoBonusesNow. Flarum is a close 2nd choice and there are a few more new ones although they come with.

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