Shopping Sportsbooks’ Lines to Bet on Football

There are a number of great online sportsbooks to choose from when it comes to betting on football this season. Most of them are offering some very attractive bonus offers to sign on with their bookmaking services and many will provide their loyal customers with weekly promotions and incentives to help stretch an overall betting bankroll. These are all well and good, but what most serious sports bettors are looking for is an edge with the betting lines to win a bigger percentage of their football bets.

Shopping betting lines when it comes to football pointspreads and total lines can often times mean the difference between cashing in your ticket or taking the loss. A half point here and there can go a long ways towards producing a positive long-term return on investment over the course of the entire football season.

While it would not be feasible to open up a betting account at a large number of online books, having three or four in the mix could make sense when it comes to shopping betting lines. Once you do narrow your choices down to the number of books that you plan to use, the next step is to make an accurate note of all of their opening lines for each week of the football season. Whether it is college football or the NFL, it is very important to have a starting point when it comes to actual pointspreads and total lines.

The next step is to narrow down the weekly schedule to the handful of games that you intend to bet on. You should always narrow down your search to a few extra games than you actually intend to bet. This will give you a buffer zone where you can come up with your “best bet” picks of the week. If you normally bet on three games each week, you might want to come up with five or six games that you actually handicap. Going through this type or process will normally leave you with the games that you love the most.
A big part of the process to come up with your actual bets is tracking the betting lines for these games with the sportsbooks that you have a betting account with. You may find that they are all the same, but there are going to be times when one book’s pointspread or total line is going to be in your favor as opposed to the others. A quite a bit of money changes hands each week over a half and point so even the slightest edge in your favor could very well turn out to be a very profitable one.

Another important reason to shop football betting lines among the sportsbooks you do business with is to get a better understanding of where the money is going in any particular matchup. Subtle moves are usually in response to the early money coming in from the betting public as the books try and nudge any new money in the other direction. A line move of a point or more could signify some heavy action from some sharp betting or other betting syndicates.

The main goal you are looking to accomplish from shopping sportsbooks’ betting lines is getting the best number for the games you are looking to actually bet. Sometimes this might mean pulling the trigger early if you see the lines heading in the other direction and sometimes it means waiting until right before kickoff in hope of getting the number you are looking for. Betting football games can be a very fluid situation from the time the lines are released until the games get underway, but shopping the lines remains one of the best ways to try and gain an edge against the books during this same time frame.

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