4 Tips for choosing New Online Casinos

With nearly 10 new online casinos opening every month, how can you tell which ones are safe to play at? We offer 4 tips for picking the right new casino.

Every month there are at least 5 new online casinos launched and that number is starting to become around 10 per month. Is there really room for all of these casinos to exist and can new ones be trusted? Despite the larger number of casinos opening, the rate at which they are closing isn’t quite slowing down either. Online casinos are simply growing but just because a casino is new, doesn’t mean they are completely worth joining.

The truth is, new casinos come in 3 main types:

1. Amazing and you have to join
2. Your cookie cutter just another casino not good not bad
3. Avoid at all costs because there is something shady going on

1. Find a trusted casino portal

Not all casino portals are created equal. Some portals don’t care about you as a player and will be happy to sell you out to their marketing partners. This means you, the player, need to pick a casino portal wisely just as you would choose a new online casino. If you know a portal only works with reputable brands and looks to protect players, then you’ll have an easier time trusting their judgement and guidance whether a casino is worthy of your signup or not.

2. Company Research

You’ll want to look up the gaming company in question that owns that online casino. The best thing to do is look in the footer of the casino’s website and look out for anything that mentions the company.

Just copy the company name and do a Google search and see what other sites have said about that company. If they are connected with another casino group that has ripped off players, then you’ll know this just by researching the company.

3. Research in Casino Forums

Online casino forums are great places to ask questions and research to see what other players have to say about a casino, especially a new one. Usually you’ll find players that are excellent at both research and testing so they’ll test the casino and share what they know. If any of these players have a bad experience, you’ll know they will share their story with other forum members whether it was a good or bad experience. You can choose to join a few player forums or stick with one site that you like and trust the most.

4. Test the casino’s support

Quite often a simple email or chatting with the casino through their live chat will tell you everything you need to know about a casino. Nothing is worse than depositing at a casino and later needing help only to get rude customer service agents or worse, having the casino take more than a few days answering emails. If the casino doesn’t have live chat, consider it a bad sign and try their email. You’ll want to ask a few basic questions to see how the casino handles it and you’ll want to know you’re dealing with competent casino agents. It’s bad enough when a support rep can’t answer questions like which software does the casino use or where is the casino licensed.

A few quick questions will be your litmus test to see if the casino is legit or not. A good quality casino will have well trained customer service people in place and enough of them to get back to you quickly. If you get rude support or they take too long to help, run!

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