Five Betting Tips For Novice Punters

Online betting and betting on sports particularly can be fun and it's arguably one of the things in life that can push your adrenaline up to the limits. The question is, how do we do it? And even more importantly, why do we do it? 

For the sake of this article let's just say you're new to online betting and you would like to learn more about this "sport", like what to look for and how to get an edge over bookmakers.

Please check below the five betting tips that will help you make better decisons and hopeflly can improve your online betting experience:

1. Have fun!

Assuming that you're a novice punter and most liely you don't have a large budget to deal with, you MUST have fun! Even if you lose, have fun! When you have fun and stay positive you can't go into chasing and this approach will eventually make things good for you in terms of winning.

2. Bet with trusted bookmakers only

Your account balance might not actually show a fortune, but even so you want your funds in a safe place. Try to sign up with online bookmakers you trust and always read reviews before getting engaged. Good bookmakers will not let you down and even if anything bad occurs, they will pay you off. Which can't be said about low-rated or underground books disappearing over night. Oh yes, there have been such cases too in the past and you don't want something similar in your case.

3. Learn How Online Betting Works

Learn how to bet on sports from any trusted sources you can find online. Nowadays there are many good sources for this matter and you can try more for the best picture. Read different sources, try things, think analytically and try to learn, always try to learn new things.

4. Go for the best odds

Needless to say, odds are everything when it comes to winning or losing at betting. So always choose the best odds and always think that these little fluctuations in odds can make a do or die difference at the end of the day.

5. Do your home work

It comes without saying that in order to be succesful you must first of all understand the sport/league you would like to bet on. If you just blidnly take bets based on some random stats you find, it won't work. Make sure you understand the sport and also understand the league/teams and its characteristics. You might have to watch replays and plenty of live games but at least you will have a good clue what is this about and you'll have an advantage over other punters/bookmakers.

Teddie, the Asian Handicap Tipster

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