Choosing an Asian Bookie

sbobet screenshotAsian bookies are different compared to European bookmakers in a way that they work a little bit differently and are more professional bettors friendly. That's not always the case and there are many Asian bookmakers that will behave just the same way like European "fun" bookmakers do, but in general it is a trend for them to focus on high limits and accept high stakes thus.

How you choose an asian bookie is many times a question of trust. Usually, they all come with more or less the same features and unlike European bookmakers that can be way different one compared to another, when it comes to Asian bookmakers they usually use the same "Asian-view" style layout and even the bonus offered are more or less of the same kind.

Not all Asian bookmakers are the same! The #1 factor to consider when choosing an Asian bookmaker is to think about how much you trust them. If they are linecsed or even better, are licensed in a country with tight laws like UK for example, that's a plus factor to consider.

Check the odds

After all, this is what a bookmaker is supposed to do, to offer you a good betting offer so that you could bet on your favorite sports and leagues at the best price. But remember, the #1 factor is still your security & money, so don't jump for better odds unless the bookmaker you choose also has a valid license and can be trusted as an operator.

We all remember the Pointbet case and it's fair to say that when things go wrong, they just go wrong and no license will really help you. But at least such cases don't happen too often and they happen because of reasons beyond our control as customers.

It's also important which country you come from. If you are from Indonesia for example, you will want to get first hand info in your language from sites like AsianBookie or so. If you are an English speaking player, then you will want to get tips and info in English.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you understand the game and remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Stay dispiplined and go for value betting. GL!



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