Betting Strategies For Online Betting

Online betting can be a great way to have some fun and many times it's the thrill that comes along what attracts us as punters. However, it's even better when we actually make some money out of it. How to make money from sports betting and what betting strategies are most widely used, we will discuss in this article...

So here are some of the most common strategies used by punters:

1. Martingale

This is a risky method and it comes with different variations. Standard martingale says to double the stake whenever we lose, which mathematically assures a profit when a bet is finally won. Less risky variations are about the same thing, only rasing the stakes by a bit and betting on odds greater than 2.00. From my experience, such strategy might work, but in order to really work one must actually bet wisely and some luck is needed too because any bad run one hits in a row, will make one lose much more had he bet fixed stakes.

2. Flat stakes betting

This is a method widely used by professional or semi-professional bettors and it means staking the same amount of money on every bet, based on a budget. Staking around 2% off your bank for every bet is many times mentioned in the online betting world, however that only gets one 50 bets to deal with and mathematcally it's still quite possible to get into troubles. Professional bettors are said to bet much much less and raise their stakes gradually, once or twice every season.

3. Arbitrage Betting

Also known as "sure betting", this is a method used by traders and punters that prefer small but steady growth. In simple words, arbitrage betting is about betting is about taking advantage of odds fluctuations and betting on the all possible outcomes of a match, in order to secure a sure profit. This is a great strategy to make money and when large sums are involved, potential winnings are not to be neglected.

4. Value Betting

Value betting is when the odds taken are greater than mathematical chances for a bet to happen. If one estimates that Manchester City has a 50% chance to beat Chelsea and the offered odds are 2.20, this is value. The more bets one takes the better chances for the luck factor to even up and a profit to be made. Value betting is the core method for most professional or semi-professional bettors.

5. Bet As You Feel

That's not exactly a strategy or a betting system, but it's widely used by many amateur punters. They just trust patterns and what teir gut tells them and blindly take bets based on that. Needless to say, such approach is very unlikely to work and just because one's got a winning streak it doesn't necessarily mean he will be a winner over the long-term. Mathematically, bookmakers have an edge and in order to beat that edge more comprehensive methods are required.

I'll talk about more betting methods in the future. For now feel free to check for more sports betting strategies.

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