Gambling Online: Casino Games or Sports Betting?

It is a fact that the majority of online gamblers are not exactly professional gamblers and are rather interested to have some fan. It's always better if we also win some cash, but for a big majority it is having fun what really counts first.

The question is, what should we choose, playing casino games or betting online on sports? Which form of gambling is more attractive from a point of view of having fun?

First of all, let's make a difference: sports betting can but is not necessarily gambling. And that's because it involves skill. Sports betting can be gambling when betting blindly, not thinking about odds, money management and not really having a clue about leagues and teams.

Playing casino games, on the other hand, is 100% gambling. The reason is simple: online casinos always have the mathematical edge on their side and regardless how "skillful" a player is, he will not have any chances at all to beat them over the long term. It is true that games like blackjack offer better returns compared to slot machines for example, but they are still not even close to be considered games of skill.

This can be achieved through sports betting though because the offered odds come as part of a market in which the very few best players make money on behalf of the vast majority of losing bettors. Just like in poker, the winner takes it all.

Especially when it comes to online betting, sportsbook sites offer plenty of opportunities and the more prepared punter will always have an edge to beat the market and make a profit.

So if we are to bet/play just for fun and have to make this choice, the answer lies in what we as individuals like to do most. Do we like the thrill of sports more, or do we prefer the way we hit a slot machine or the sound of roulete wheel perhaps?

Answer this question and you will know what to do next!

Teddie, the Asian Handicap Tipster

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