10 Tips for Football Betting in 2017

Are you a football fanatic or just interested in football betting? Great, then this article is good for you. Did you know that apart from enjoying seeing your favorite team play, you could also mint some cash out of it? In this time and age football betting has become an important thing for many, cutting across all the ages. Therefore, you are seated there and wondering, how to place a winning bet, or you don't have any idea about betting, worry not. The following are some of the surefire tips that will increase your chances of nailing that win and make you some dollars richer.

Register on remarkable gaming online sites

With the growing of technology, life has become so simple and enjoyable. With a personal computer or a smartphone, you have the whole world on your hands. We have a lot of online betting sites providing betting services. Football at 10Bet is one such example. Do your homework well by researching for the best ones. Look at their reviews. I know you may now be wondering on what metrics you should base on. Look at the efficiency of the site, like how long does it take to place a bet; there are some sites out there which are out rightly frustrating. You place a bet, and before it gets confirmed, the match has already started. Many take a lot of time to load on to your browser, others have poor customer care services, and others don't pay the winners unless followed up.


Information is king in the betting world. With the availability of the internet, you have access to information concerning the teams you are going to bet in favor. Scrape for information concerning the current forms of the teams, look at the startup lineup, and factors such as injuries on players. Fatigue in the teams as a result of successive matches also plays a significant role in the performance of the teams. Statistics about the performances of the teams also matter for example how has team x performed in the last three games or how does it usually perform when playing against the team it's going to compete. These will give you some insight on which team to select.

Look for expert views

These should not mean that you follow views or tips blindly. Football betting has generated an information overflow online. Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry is a ‘professional' advisor. Former players, coaches or football analyzers can be a useful source of information. With ideas from such quarters, you will be in the right mind frame on choosing the teams to place a bet for or against.

Avoid multi-betting

Avoid the greedy factor, many people fail at this, they look at that huge sums of money they would win if they had a combination of many teams. That is a trap, avoid it, you better win small amounts and in the long run you will have won a sizeable amount rather than wanting to make a lot of cash at a go. Select a sizeable number of teams you feel have the best chances of winning. If you choose, many teams’, chances are that you will falter in one of the games, hence spoiling the whole broth.

Bet with your head, not heart

Many times people bet for teams on an emotional basis. They choose a win for a team simply because he/she is a fan of that team. The results for this are usually disappointments. Invest on careful analysis before betting. Then there is this other category of gamblers who try recover their losses by betting for the next game. This is a dangerous thing to do and should be avoided at all costs since it only leads to more disappointments.

Information about teams

Dig for information about the teams you are going to bet in favor. Most of it gets found on the net. Teams do post their lineups on their official pages and social media hours before the game. These will inform you on which players are going to on action, hence aid your decision making.

Capitalize on promotions

Due to the existence of many betting platforms, many have come up with ways to woo customers. You will hear things such as get some certain amount of money added to your bet slip if you deposit a certain amount in your account or if you bet a certain number of games or whatever they say. Or, something like, you will be refunded your money if you lose one match. Take advantage of these freebies.

Make use of the odds

Those odds provided thereby betting companies should get used. View them as probabilities and not as general numbers. Try and use them to your advantage, by analyzing them and coming up with the best combination of winning.

Bet early

Most betting sites come out with match calendars, early enough. Bet for teams in as early as one week before the game. You may ask, why do that? The answer is simple the earlier you bet the chances are that the odds are high. But when you wait till the last minutes, the odds will be low and then other factors may creep in such as malfunctioning of your devices, or that tension of doing things at the last minute may interfere with your good judgment.

Consider other factors

Other aspects such as weather conditions, the kind of referee, may influence the outcomes of matches. They should get factored in your analysis. Many times, great teams have lost due to bad referring or wet fields and stormy weather.


As football betting is hitting rooftop craze, you can also join the bandwagon and use the above tips to milk some money out that. Who knows maybe, it might change from being your side hustle to the main hustle.

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