Taking Advantage Of Sports Betting Bonuses

The world of online betting is full of hundreds if not thousands of online bookmakers. Most of them offer free bets and betting bonuses for new players. Let's find out if they are really worth and if yes, how to take advantage of them...

Just like every competitive industry in the world, sports betting industry is no exception and online bookmakers fight every day for market share or a "piece of pie" in other words. As markets become regulated and sports bettors demand higher standards, it comes without saying that offering incentives is a first step in securing or even maintaining a certain position in terms of customers and eventually revenue.

Offering sports betting bonuses is, therefore, a high-priority marketing method for picking up customers and improving retention rates for bookies. The service as a whole plays an important role of course and no customer is going to stay too long with a bookmaker that doesn't offer what the customer expects. But when there are hundred of online sportsbooks all of them offering more or less a similar level of service, free bets and sports betting bonuses might make that little difference when punters choose a bookmaker.

As a punter, it's important to realise that free bets and betting bonuses are no traps even if it looks so at the first sight. It is true that many of these offers come with tough wagering requirements and have certain conditions to be meet, but on the other hand - they give away free money for the player and it would be a pity not to take advantage of them. After all, more money is always better and if it comes for free, why not take this chance?!

Sports betting bonuses may come in the form of free bets or match deposit bonuses in most cases and could start from as low as €5 to as much as €200 in the case of bonus-friendly bookmakers like Bet365.

Whatever the offer is, one should always make sure to read the T&C's of the offer and if they are reasonable - to GRAB that offer! It's actually impressive to find out how much money a novice bettor might start with if he would sign up with most online bookmakers offering sports betting bonuses. It would be a huge boost for the betting bankroll and of course he would have a better chance at increasing it and why not even turning into a pro if he's got the skills.

Missing this chance is not good and at least this is what we, the bettors, can do. Let bookmakers fight for market share and come up with increasingly good offers - it's to our advantage!

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