How Bookmaker Bonus Codes Work

Getting a welcome bonus is one of the main advantages when joining a new online bookmaker. But how about the bonus codes, how do they work and what can we do with a bonus code?

A bonus code is basically a betting bonus you can use in the form of a free bet or even cash money. What a bonus code does is to grant you access to the bonus itself. So when signing up for a new sportsbook, there is a bonus code section to be filled and when inserted, it will trigger the bonus amount associated with this bonus code.

Bookmaker bonus codes can be offered to new customers mostly, but already existing players will also often get bonus codes when different betting promotions are being run. So let's say we have Chelsea playing Arsenal and the bookmaker wants to give away a free bet for this match. Anyone with a bonus code will be thus awarded the free bet if claimed.

Bonus codes are often used by affiliate websites to promote their unique exclusive offers. So although the standard bonus for signing up might be of a certain amount, this amount will be usually bigger or offered at better conditions, if a dedicated bonus code is inserted.

Where To Find Bonus Codes

As stated above, many online bookmakers throw away bonuses and free bets upon claiming a bonus code. Sometimes a bonus code will not be required to claim the bonus, but many times it is a must condition for a player interested in grabbing the bonus.

There are plenty of betting portals listing promo codes online, make sure you find a valid one and take advantage of them while they last. It is important to make sure the offer is still valid, though, so contacting customer support and asking about is an important step to follow before going for the bonus, although many times the system will automatically sort this out.

So in conclusion, bonus codes are just freebies you can use online to boost your betting bankroll. Happy betting!

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