Play Horse Racing and Sports Themed Slots Strategically

If you are an experienced sports bettor, then you will of course have your own unique system and strategy in place that you tend to stick to when selecting just which sporting events to place your bets and wagers on.

However, if you do enjoy gambling in general then there may come a time when you fancy turning your attention towards playing slot machines, and when you do you will have the benefit of being able to play them online, in a local land based casino or even on any type of mobile device.

Being a sports bettor you will however be looking for ways to play slot machines strategically and in such a way, much like when you are placing sports bets and wagers, that you can get an increased chance of winning, or at the very least maximize the value of your bankroll.

With that in mind in this article we are going to be taking a look at several different ways that you can play a range of different slot machines strategically and in such a way you get more winning opportunities when playing them.

You will find plenty of horse racing and sports themed slot machines are available to you, and being a fan of sports those may be the ideal slots to play.

A couple of slots worthy of note are the Playtech designed Magnificent 7 slot, which is a slot that celebrates the time when legendary football players through the decades, also the Football Legends slot also designed by Playtech which features a cast of legendary football players through the decades who feature on the slot as reel symbols!

If you do want a few ideas of which are not only the best slots to play online but also want a few pointers in regards to which will be the best casino sites to play them at then this site is worth checking out as it showcases a range of licensed and regulated casinos all of which are fast paying ones!

The first thing in regards to playing slot machines strategically that we would encourage you to do is to make sure you are fully aware of the payout percentages each slot has been set to return, for you are much more likely to get more winning spins as you play slots which boast payout percentages of 98% and 99% than you would when playing slots which have payout percentages of 90%!

In regards to where you should look to find that very important set of facts and figures, most casinos now publish the RTP’s and payout percentages of all of their slot machines on their websites, or they can be found either on the help files attached to each slot or on the slot machine pay tables.

Once you have put together a list of the slots which do have the very highest payout percentages then you will need to maximize your bankroll, and the very best way to do so it to track down and make use of the casino bonus offers that are designed as deposit match bonuses.

Many casinos will give you a bonus when you first sign up, some could be giving away no deposit bonuses, however they are usually so small in value and come with so many terms and conditions even though they are risk free bonuses they are not worth claiming!

Therefore be on the lookout for deposit match bonuses and ideally those that give you at least 100% of your deposited amount as bonus credits. To ensure you have a fair chance of winning when using such bonuses you should ensure the ones you make use of come with a very low play through requirement.

The play through requirement is simply the number of time you have to recycle your bonus credits before they are turned into cash credits which you can then cash out. With that in mind it will be the bonuses which have a play through requirement of 30 times your bonus amount or lower that will always give you a fair and reasonable chance of winning.

Also, never claim a bonus that is going to restrict just how much you can win and withdraw from any casino site, for you will never want any of your winnings achieved from say a huge jackpot win being cancelled out due to maximum cash out limits!

If you do decide to play any type of slot machine in any playing environment then one final way you need to be aware of to play them strategically is to always ensure you have activated every pay line the slots you choose to play have on offer. By doing so you will always have the maximum number of chances of winning on each spin you then play off.

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