Top Six Slots with the Best Bonus Games

Gone are the days when slot machines used to encompass all the best elements inside the three reels and the handful of symbols. Today, it is possible to come across slots that have plenty of attractive bonus features. These bonus games are often a sole reason to try out the slots. Here are some of the slot games with excellent bonus features:

Avalon II

Microgaming are the developers behind the highly popular Avalon II slot title, which happens to be offered at almost every top option like Betway Casino. It is one of the Microgaming titles that offers 243 ways of wins on its five reels set up. However, this game is largely popular due to the bonus games.

The Grail Quest is a feature which is triggered by the Holy Grail symbol appearing anywhere on the reels. This bonus game consists of several stages which are activated one after the other. Each sage comes with bonuses like cash rewards and free spins. Besides, there is also a Merlin bonus feature which could provide multipliers or cash prizes.

Thunderstruck II

The Thunderstruck II slot title has been around for almost a decade after being launched in 2010. Yet, this five reel game with 243 paylines remains popular since it can be hugely rewarding through its bonus features. Aside from outstanding graphics like a VR casino game, the title comes with the Great Hall of Spins feature, which encompasses four different games.

The Valkyrie bonus game is available in the first four instances where the Great Hall of Spins game is activated. After a fourth consecutive occurrence of the Valkyrie bonus game, the player enters into Loki bonus after the fifth trigger. Odin is activated from the 10th trigger and Thor becomes available from the 15th trigger. Each progression of the characters results in the rewards increasing rapidly.

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones slot is one of the popular offerings from Microgaming. The game has five reels, and it also provides 243 ways to success. Yet, the success in the base game can easily be overshadowed by the power of the bonus features. Like many other Microgaming titles that are enriched with bonus features, Game of Thrones slot also offers a nested free spins feature. Within this feature, the game offers an increasing list of bonuses if the player progresses up the ladder.

The free spins feature is triggered by getting two scatter symbols across the reels. Now, a player is presented with the opportunity to choose Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen. Each come with a list of bonuses and benefits. A common feature is the presence of free spins and the multipliers at the same time. They can pave way for big wins.

Mega Moolah

Almost every online casino happens to offer Mega Moolah, as it is one of the most popular slot games in the world. Several players have become rich with the aid of this progressive jackpot, but one of the best examples happens to be a British soldier who won more than £13 million on this game at Betway.
The list of bonus games in the Mega Moolah slot may be significantly lower compared to other slots on this list, but none can match the kind of rewards being offered by this bonus game. Free spins and Wild Lion are bonus schemes that feature minor rewards for the players. The progressive jackpot, though, is always huge and provides the option for a player to choose between different jackpot sizes. Players keen on a jackpot will be allowed to spin a wheel with the hope of landing in jackpot. The bonus game may not need a huge explanation, but it is simple and the most powerful yet.

Castle Builder

Castle Builder is a slot title from Rabcat, and it can go a long way into replicating the video game. It has five reels and 15 paylines. The castle construction is the main bonus feature of the game. Receiving at least two building materials in the active payline starts the castle construction feature. Depending on the number of building materials that led to the feature, the player would be receiving an appropriate value of blocks. These blocks are in turn used to build a castle. This is the closest a slot title has come to the real-time strategy games.

Gonzo’s Quest

NetEnt is behind this slot title, which has five reels and 20 paylines. The slot is highly flexible in terms of the bet size, while it is also rich in terms of graphics – like every other NetEnt title. Its standout element happens to be the exploding blocks. The game does not have a great dedicated bonus feature as such, but players get to experience exploding blocks as they create each winning combination. When the winning combinations occur in succession, it results in an increase in multiplier count. It can be a way for huge wins.

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