Casino Reviews & Tips: Are They Really Important?

Fact No.1: online gambling industry is a huge money generator. In 2015 it was worth close to 40 billion U.S. dollars and forecasted to increase to almost 60 billion USD in 2020. Fact No.2: Multibillion-dollar industries inevitably attract crooks looking to get rich fast and at the expense of others. Online gambling scene is already populated by well over a thousand sites and new ones keep popping up as we speak. So how is one to know where to invest their time, trust and money? Casino review sites are there to help by answering the most important questions before you make your very first deposit.

Is the gaming website legit?

Crafting a site that looks like a real deal is not that difficult; anyone with a minimum amount of knowledge can do it. It’s crucial to make sure that the online casino is operating with a valid license and is regulated by a recognised authority, that their instant games deliver outcomes governed by an RNG tested by an independent third party, and that statistically significant number of other players can testify that bonuses and winnings are paid fairly and timely. All of the above takes time and effort to verify, and that’s where review sites like provide valuable input.

What are the range and quality of featured games?

An online casino can be a great destination for fans of slots while offering next to nothing for players interested in card games. Some call themselves slots specialist but provide a significantly smaller number of games than “generalists”. Shady operators may find it difficult to partner up with reputable developers and subsequently offer low-quality games. Why should you waste time investigating how good is the site’s game offering when experienced reviewers can do it for you?

How good is the casino’s promotional offer?

More than a few gamers have been tricked into accepting what initially looked like a super-generous welcome proposition, and was all but. It’s not rare to find match deposits going well into thousands, spelt in bold, flashy letters, combined with highly unfavourable conditions which you only find out about when it’s too late. In other cases, the welcome offer will indeed be a real treat, but once you’re in the operator will suddenly close the purse and offer nothing worthwhile mentioning. Reviewers explore promo deals in details and supply you with all relevant information upfront before you say “yes”.

How convenient and secure are payment options provided?

The range of deposit and withdrawal options varies greatly from one online casino to another, and while it’s important to know you’ll be able to use your preferred payment method, you’ll also want to be 100% sure your cash and bank details are fully protected and no hackers will be allowed access. You’ll be eager for your cash-outs to be executed promptly and in line with what the operator has promised on their website.

How good is the casino’s customer support?

While things run smoothly, you may not care a tuppence about the casino’s customer support. But at some point, you may encounter a problem which can’t be resolved without their help. Can you get in touch quickly and in a convenient way, or will you have to wait for days? Are people employed as support agents professional and polite, do they have all the information needed to help you out? Normally you only find out when forced to ask for assistance – or by reading a trusted review instead.

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