What is Asian Handicap Betting and How Does it Work?

As many seasoned gamblers know, there is a range of ways in which to bet. From single bets on a horse, forecasts on greyhounds, accumulators, and spread betting, everyone has their own personal choice. Asian Handicap Betting is one which many punters seem to be warming to these days. There are many advantages to betting this way, as we will explain below.

What is Asian Handicap betting?

Asian handicap betting is simply a way to bet on football where both teams are handicapped. The form of each team is taken into the equation, with the team who has the better form required to perform significantly better to win the bet. What makes Asian Handicap betting intriguing to many is that a draw result does not affect bets, meaning that the potential success percentage is 50%, rather than the traditional 33%.

As such, betting is restricted to home or away. For example, a bet on Manchester United vs. Manchester City would come down to the choice of backing one team to win or the other. The simplicity in this type of betting has seen interest in this type of wager grow significantly over the past two decades.

Types of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap 0:0 (Level ball - Draw no bet - DNB)

For example: Manchester United & Manchester City starts at 0-0 – this means that there is no advance for either team and there is no chance of a draw.

Manchester United & Manchester City - 0:0

Home Odds - 1.90 & Away Odds - 1.95

You chose Manchester United at 0:0 AH (1.90). United need to win for you to win your bet placed at £100.

United win so you make £190 (stake + £90 profit).

If there is a draw, you receive your stake back as a tie is eliminated.

If United lose, you have lost the bet.

Asian handicap 0.25

The handicaps in this example are 0:1/4. Prior to the game kicking off, the team who are the underdogs will start with a quarter of a goal advantage. This is slightly more complex than the previous example, as you can win, win half, lose or lose half of the stake you have placed.

Example: Manchester United vs Manchester City - 0:1/4

Home Odds - 2.00 & Away Odds - 1.90

You chose Manchester United at 1/4 AH. United need to win for you to win your bet placed at £100.

United win so you make £200 (stake + £100 profit).

A draw will see you lose half of your stake (£50), while a win for City will see you lose the full stake.

These two examples show what you can expect from betting this way. Aside from the two potential scenarios above, you can also bet on different markets in Asian Handicaps, including:

  • Asian Handicap 0.5
  • Asian Handicap 0.75
  • Asian Handicap -1
  • Asian Handicap -1.25 and more

While this may seem a little odd at first glance, you will find yourself picking it up pretty quickly!

Want to find out more? Check this Asian handicap betting guide.

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