What is the Attraction of Betting on Golf?

Golf is a sport which still enjoys a huge level of popularity around the world. In the USA & UK, it is considered among the classier of pastimes. From presidents to CEOs, playing a few rounds of golf appears to be a signifier of success.

What about when it comes to betting on pro golf? When you find a good bookmaker where to bet on golf, there is no doubt that the experience can provide gamblers with an excellent pool of resources. Given that there can be over 100 players to choose from – with the vast majority all capable of winning – punters can be spoiled for choice, more often than not. It is simply one of the best sports to bet on for value, and this is no great secret. Like anything, once you do your research, you increase your chances of winning.

Basic Golf Bets

If you are looking to bet on golf, the chances are that you will be backing a player to win a championship or tournament. Much like a horse race – especially one such as the Grand National – the most popular wagers are outrights and each way bets. Depending on the bookmaker, you can typically get ¼ of the odds for each way bets if you select a player to finish in the top 5. This means, if you select a player each way at 10/1 and they finish 3rd, you win your bet at 2.5/1 of the price. Straight bets are pretty simple to master. If you select a player to win at 2/1 and stake £10, you win £20 in addition to your stake of £10 back, which means you will collect £30.

Other Golf Bets

Simply put, there are a ton of other bets you can look at when a major tournament is on. For example, you can bet on holes-in-one, eagles, lengths of winning shots and a whole host of other popular options. Markets such as the top player per country are regularly bet on, as are -3 ball groups. Check with your bookmakers to see what they are offering and select your bet from the list.

The Attraction of Betting on Golf

For fans of the sport, it can further enhance interest. With many of the major tournaments, even casual golf fans can find themselves embedded in the action, following every round as they play out. As a spectacle, there aren’t many sports which can match the PGA Tour or The Masters. More than this, many punters favour a punt on golf as the prices are excellent. There have been some pretty renowned winners of major tournaments in recent history who have carried huge odds. Backing a golfer from out of nowhere, therefore, can yield massive success to those brave enough to have a pop.

For the Fun of It

Betting on golf is fun. Even to those who are not as familiar with how the rules work, or who to back, these things can easily be picked up. For a fun and interesting bet, there are not many sports that can rival golf.

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