When Betting on a Sports, Listen to the Line

In order to have success betting on sports at a top online casino, one of the #1 rules is to actually be familiar with that league (top teams, its players, etc). The more you know about all the details that go into a game (substitutions, injuries, travel schedule, etc.) then obviously the odds are better that you'll be able to pick a winner.

However, betting on sports isn't about picking a winner it's about picking a margin of victory. You can pick ten straight winning teams, but if they don't cover the spread all you've done is pick losers. This is why many experienced bettors have learned to pick a winner based on the spread given to them instead of how they feel the team will do. Let's walk through that more in-depth.

Lines are Set Based on the Public's Perception

One thing that needs to be understood is that a line isn't made because oddsmakers think that's what the score is going to be. Instead, the spread is the result of calculations of what the public bettors might think the score will be. The old rule of thumb is that oddsmakers want to set a line so that 50% of the wagers go to Team A and 50% go to Team B so that the house can collect the vig off the losers without taking a risk.

When a Line Seems Too Low

If the whole sports world thinks Team A is going to kill Team B, but the line comes out at Team A as a very small favorite it can indicate a trap. Oddsmakers may be luring the consensus to bet heavy money on Team A, knowing that Team B will win (or at least cover) and provide a big win for the house. If they raised the line, more people would take the points (the underdog) and thus cost the house winnings.

When a Line Seems Too High

If a game is expected to be close but Team A is favored by a large number, it's a nudge for the public to take the points. When a game is 50/50 in sports fan's eyes, it's always the safer bets to take the points, especially if the underdog might win outright. What usually happens here is that Team A wins in a blowout and everybody who took the points loses.

When the Majority Backs a Team But the Line Doesn't Change

When oddsmakers release the line they don't 100% know how the public will react. When the action is coming in heavy on one side they'll adjust the line to get more of the 50/50 split. Many people prefer betting on games where the line moves because it's less likely to be a trap matchup.'s important to check out what the consensus is wagering on. If everybody is on one side, but the line doesn't move – it means a smaller percentage of bettors but with a higher amount of money (high-rollers) are keeping the action 50/50. A good tip – the high rollers are usually on the winning side.

Wagering based simply on the line and not the teams is a risky endeavor but one that can be pulled off successfully. The most successful wagerers will conduct independent research on a game before looking at the spreads and then see how their numbers compare. If the numbers are similar it's usually a good bet but discrepancies might be a good reason to either bet opposite or sit this wager out. Luckily, our qualified tipsters are trained in reading the lines like a book and can pass on this knowledge to increase your profits.

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